Warranty Policy
Last updated: 25/04/22

Issues and complaints

Awake delivers high-quality products. If an issue with your product(s) has occurred which makes the product unusable, or if use may be associated with risks according to the instructions in the user manual, please contact us immediately, either via the support function in the Awake App, or via email to support@awakeboards.com

A customer who wishes to make a complaint about a product can do so within two (2) years after purchase. Awake urges customers to make a complaint within one (1) month of delivery to repair or replace a faulty component. Complaints are reported via the support function in the Awake App, or via email to support@awakeboards.com.

We will respond to your claim within 12h during business days, and we aim to have a solution to propose within 72h during business days.

If you’ve purchased the product(s) through one of Awake’s retailers, contact them directly. Information about the retailer is most conveniently found on the receipt or other purchase documents that you’ve received from the retailer in question. If you’re having trouble finding information about the retailer, please contact Awake via email at support@awakeboards.com.

Note: You need explicit confirmation and approval in writing (digital or paper) from Awake before you return any products to us. This is to reduce the resolution time, reduce the environmental impact due to unnecessary shipping, and keep shipping costs down.

If you have any other questions regarding returns, guarantees, or complaints in general, please contact us directly by email at support@awakeboards.com.

Awake Care©

For the first 12 months of owning a product from Awake, all customers, no matter location, is offered Awake Care© free of charge. [READ MORE].