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Winterization Guide

Awake Winterization GuideWe hope you have created many long-lasting memories riding your Awake Board(s)! As the season is coming to an end for some, we would like to remind you about correctly storing your Awake FLEX battery.

  • After your last ride, please do the following:
    • Make sure you have the latest version of the Awake Link App installed on your mobile device.
    • Connect your mobile device to the battery via the Awake Link App.
    • Charge the battery to 80% (4 LEDs).*
    • Store the battery separated from the board and charger.
    • Store the battery in or around room temperature.

* If your BP is above 80% charge before storage, there is no need to discharge. 

As with all lithium-ion batteries, the battery cells deplete over time, regardless of use. When you don’t use your Awake FLEX battery for a longer period (60 days), make sure you check the charge level, and top it up if necessary.

Note: Over-discharged batteries shut down by default, and a replacement or repair will be necessary. The replacement and/or repair is not covered by warranty.

Please check out section 4, “Transport and Storage” in the user manual for further information and instructions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your nearest Awake Service Center or email

Gustav Selse, Head of Aftersales at Awake.

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