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Benjamin Bilski
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Benjamin Bilski
Nationality: German
Currently living in: Limassol, Cyprus
Year of birth: 1988
Board type: RÄVIK S 22
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 200 lbs
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“To relax, I ride the Awake RÄVIK S 22 board as it's my number 1 hobby and mediation tool”
Benjamin Bilski
Who are you?

My name is Ben Bilski, 33 years old and I am a German living in sunny Limassol! I am the Founder of a public listed Company called NAGA - we operate a trading platform. In my freetime and to relax I ride the Awake board as its my number 1 hobby and mediation tool :)

Tell us about your background in sports?

I am a former professional swimmer and was a member of the German national swimming team for 6 years. I have been a German Champion and also a Medal winner in the World Games 2009. I use to train all around the globe and participated in World Cups, and European and National championships. 

Favorite riding environment?

I usually ride in the ocean, close to where I live. I prefer to go out riding when the water is normally between 22-24 degrees Celsius. The place where I ride is a bay, where it is a mix of calm and wavy conditions, and some days the waves can be really strong which can be fun for some extreme riding. 

What board do you have?

I have the Awake RÄKVIK S22 with three XR batteries, the two extra batteries open the possibility to ride longer when I have friends over.

What is your favorite riding mode?

For me, the answer is obvious, extreme mode with foot straps!

Preferred riding session?

I mostly ride solo in the mornings, it’s my favorite.

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