Awake RÄVIK 3

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Awake RÄVIK 3
Combines cruising and race
Top speed:
36 mph
36 mph
0-30 mph/ 4 seconds
0-30 mph/ 4 seconds
Riding time:
Up to 30 minutes
Up to 60 minutes
Charging time:
Exchangeable batteries:
Throttle modes:
Eco, Sport, Extreme
Eco, Sport, Extreme
Total weight with battery
88 lb
96 lb

Key features

Wireless hand controller
The new, wireless Awake hand controller, has improved ergonomics, is more intuitive and has the signature dynamite grip. The thumb-controlled throttle on the hand controller makes it possible to precisely adjust and control the speed.
We’ve completely updated the electric speed controller (ESC). As a result, our boards utilize the power in the batteries more efficiently, meaning they are even quieter.
We’ve improved the motor and impeller to make the drivetrain even more efficient. This means you’ll use less energy - meaning more carves and longer rides!
The new ESC’s efficiency capabilities take the already market-leading acceleration of our Awake Boards to the next level. Together with the instant throttle response on the 2nd generation hand controller, you are able to reach awe inspiring 50 kph in 4 seconds.
The V-shaped hull is designed to maximize stability and balance, while also being able to do those aggressive turns.
Included when you buy
Generation 3 - the next step in an evolving category
A fusion of everything we learned designing and engineering high-performance electric surfboards - and a lifetime spent on the water. The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience, a board that's perfect for both racing and cruising. A quieter board with improved acceleration, an improved motor, and an even more intuitive hand controller. Combine all that with a completely new hull construction and design, and you have a board ready to provide extreme thrills or something a little more relaxed; whatever you choose - you'll have fun out there.
The board for the true adventurer
"Everything we learned from our two existing models helped us to create the Awake RÄVIK 3. A board for those who are keen to share water-bound adventures with family and friends without sacrificing that exhilarating high-performance water sports racing feeling you get with the Awake RÄVIK S"

- Daniel Aronsson, co-founder
Agility for quick turns
The Awake RÄVIK 3 is for riders who enjoy cruising and racing. The narrow tail combined with the dynamic rocker, and a new weight balance allows sharp turns and carving with superior stability.
Balance with the new V-shaped hull
Building on our revolutionary hull designs, our new V-shaped hull together with a higher buoyancy factor provide stability and balance at high and low speeds.
The design developments we’ve implemented on the rocker, the V-shaped hull and the narrow tail combined with a more central point-of-gravity means the Awake RÄVIK 3 displays outstanding versatility on the water.
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How to buy a board
We know, you just want to get out on the water as soon as possible! So, to make this part as easy and efficient as possible, we’ve made an easy instruction on how to buy a board on


As Awake’s electric surfboards offer something for everyone, choosing your board is straightforward; do you want a leisure board, a competition/performance board, or a board that offers a little bit of both? Read up on each electric surfboard model and decide which one is the perfect fit for you. When you’ve found your board, choose the XR battery for 50% extra riding time, or the standard battery for a bit shorter riding but faster charging time. If you want that premium setup, we highly recommend adding an extra XR battery to your order, completing your Awake experience!



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