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Flo Garbaccio
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Flo Garbaccio
Nationality: French
Currently living in: Stockholm, Sweden
Year of birth: 1994
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
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“You’ll never have any more day without riding in the water once you get your Awake boards”
Flo Garbaccio
Who are you?

My name is Flo, I am a French guy who grew up surfing on the Atlantic coast. Being a windsurfer, my father put me on a board since I can remember, and I have been pursuing this freedom feeling every day since. Currently working at Awake as pro-rider and ambassador, my work is my passion and vice versa. As soon as I have some free time, I jump on a board for a surf, kite, skate, or foil depending on the conditions.

Tell us about your background in sports?

I have been playing high-level tennis & some rugby when I was younger but my main activities since for the past 15 years have been surfing, kitesurfing, foiling, & skateboarding.

Favorite riding environment?

I ride the Awakeboards in all types of spots when we travel: ocean, sea lake, & rivers. I actually ride in all water temperatures. It goes from 30 celsius to below 0 celsius when winter ice is coming into Scandinavia. I love to ride in all water conditions: as glassy is dreamy, wavy is powerful, choppy is intense & swelly so pure.

What boards do you ride?

I ride the RÄVIK 3, RÄVIK S22 & VINGA mainly with Powder 1350 with both XR and SR batteries, depending on the mode.

What is your favorite riding mode?

Extreme, of course! Always strapless with the RÄVIK 3, always both straps on the S22 and with or without on the VINGA depending if I go for a chill cruise or a jump session.

Preferred riding session?

I like to go riding with friends of course, but mainly solo when I want to learn new tricks and with friends when we just wanna play or go for an adventure.

Do your friends have their own boards?

Yes, they do! And it's so much fun to go out with the crew.

What would you tell them so they get their board and join the rides?

I would say: get an Awake board to complete your watersport quiver & you will never ever have any day without going for a ride, whatever the conditions or where you are located.

Could you share with us an anecdote about your best/funniest/craziest session on the Awakeboards?

Last year, we went out riding in the middle of a snowstorm in Sweden, it was pretty dark, with lots of wind and 2 meters swell. The feeling of going with my friend full speed in the chop with the snowflakes hitting our faces was simply unreal! A once a lifetime experience.

I can add a special mention for the octopus on the French Riviera which climbed on my leg in the middle of a conversation before a ride, a weird and very surprising feeling.

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