Unforgettable Memories
Picture the excitement on your guests' faces as they experience the thrill of Awake Jetboards and eFoils for the first time. These watercraft are not just toys; they're memory-makers, ensuring every moment on your yacht becomes legendary.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Awake Jetboards and e-Foils are engineered with the latest technology, providing you with unmatched performance, precision, and safety. Our electric propulsion systems are not only eco-friendly but also remarkably quiet, ensuring minimal disruption to your tranquil yachting environment.
Easy, Intuitive Handling
Whether you're an experienced water enthusiast or a novice, our intuitive controls make riding Awake Jetboards and eFoils a breeze. You'll be cruising on the water, or soaring over the water in no time.
Efficient, Compact Design
Space on your yacht is precious. That's why Awake Electric Surfboards and eFoils are designed with portability in mind. The patented Click-to-ride system allows you to setup and breakdown in only seconds. They're compact, easy to store, and quick to deploy, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your yachting lifestyle.
Crew Friendly Yacht Toys
When it comes to water sports on your yacht, we understand that simplicity, efficiency, and safety are paramount. That's why we're excited to introduce you to the world of Awake Boards – the perfect addition to your onboard recreation options.
Wall mounts & storage
Minimal storage space for maximum ease of use and fun.

Awake's custom-made wall mounts are the perfect and way to store and/or display your board.
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Meet the Ride Wizard
Take the guesswork out of power settings. Simply enter your guest's information in the Ride Wizard, and the board will auto-suggest the perfect power output. This ensures that every guest, whether a novice or an experienced rider, can play on the water with confidence.
Experience the Click-to-Ride Revolution
The Click-to-Ride feature redefines the game. It allows you to operate our boards without the need for cumbersome cables, hatches, or screws.

This groundbreaking technology makes crew's work simpler and quicker. No more fumbling with complex setups; it's just click and go. Dismantle the Awake VINGA efoil takes seconds, and can be easily and safely transported and stowed away in even the narrowest spaces of your yacht.
Flex Battery
One Battery for all boards - The Awake Flex Battery System allows you to power both the VINGA and RÄVIK series with the same Battery.

Plugging the Battery into or swapping between your boards is done in one movement thanks to our Click-to-Ride system. No cable, hatch, or over-complicated locking mechanism, making it the easiest and quickest to handle and maintain on the market.

The most advanced design and features you can expect regarding safety. Self-monitoring of the Li-Ion cells, continuous electronic system analysis, and various mechanical layers of safety make it powerful, durable, and reliable.