We’re all keen riders ourselves. That’s why we believe that unnecessary time spent setting up your board is time you could be spending on the water enjoying it. That’s why simplicity and ease-of-use are at the heart of the Awake experience.

So it’s a simple 3-piece modular product, and the battery, board, and charger require no fiddly cables. And we make our boards as lightweight as possible without sacrificing power, so they are as easy to carry (with the convenient carry handles) as they are thrilling to ride.
Modular system
We want to get you out on the water ASAP, which is why all awake boards feature our modular plug-and-play system*, consisting of the board, drivetrain, and battery. All modules are interchangeable, so the same battery works on multiple boards, and batteries are easy to exchange, service, and upgrade. Additionally, our boards are what we like to call 'backward compatible.' Meaning if you have one of our first-generation boards, you can always upgrade with a new battery. Just upgrade your firmware and software via the Awake app.
Functional features
The deck pad is designed for stability and support. The performance foot straps have heel and toe support for maximum grip and comfort, and the rear deck pad shape also supports your knees when transitioning from lying down to a standing position before you accelerate away into the distance. The two handles make carrying and transportation easy, and with a simple press of your thumb, the wireless, 'dynamite grip' hand controller responds instantly.
Getting around
The custom-made board bags are designed to store and transport the Awake boards, including accessories, while also protecting all the components. Our board bag kits includes, board bag, bag for charger and wheels.
The Awake App
Riding modes
Awake boards offer three different riding modes; Eco, Sport, and Extreme. These modes are for safe use; no matter what experience you have, set the correct mode, and you'll be safe. Select the speed in the Awake app before you leave the shore.

Remote diagnostics allow for quick and convenient customer support.
If abnormalities are detected in your board, our engineers can quickly diagnose any potential issue and guide you through the support process.

Firmware updates
At Awake, we are always innovating and improving our products - striving to take them to the next level; therefore, when performance and safety improvements occur, you will be able to update your firmware and software via our app.
Complex technology made simple