Awake VINGA Board Bag Kit

$590 ex. VAT
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Transporting your eFoil has never been easier!

With the Awake VINGA Board bag you can bring your gear anywhere. Detachable wheels allow you to access remote spots.

The board is well-protected with thick foam covering all sides. There are dedicated cutouts for the board, mast, wings, and everything else you might need.

The best part is that when the accessory bag opens it becomes a remote workshop station. One strap holds the full driveline in place when you attach the wings. With the detachable tool bag right where you need it to be.

- Shoulder strap with Fidlock
- Accessory bag with padded compartment for mast, wings, toolbag etc
- Board bag with padded compartments for board and wheels
- Removable wheels


Board bag for VINGA S: 150 x 70 x 23

Board bag for VINGA 3: 177 x 75 x 23

Accessory bag: 126 x 70 x 20

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