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TT / Modular System

This week, we are talking about our modular system, which is a key factor to Awake's success. ​We want to get you out on the water ASAP, which is why all Awake Boards feature our patent-pending modular plug-and-play system, consisting of the board, drivetrain, and battery.

All modules are interchangeable, meaning that the same battery works in multiple boards and different models, and batteries are easy to swap out, service, and upgrade. Additionally, our boards are what we like to call 'backward compatible', meaning that if you have one of our first-generation boards, you can always upgrade with a new battery.

'Ease-of-use' is right up there together with the rest of our primary focus points; 'Performance' and 'Safety', so that you don't need to worry about anything, except where you're going to ride next!

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