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Electric Summer Escape

In May, the Awake team decided to head down south with a bunch of boards and batteries, catch a boat and aim for the crystal blue waters of Corsica.

Of course, you can’t go to such a paradise alone, so we decided to call some friends to come ride with us and share this unforgettable journey on the Island of Beauty. And what better match to complete the equation than letting 2 passionate content creators that we met riding the past years join the trip?

Join us for carving sessions on the RÄVIK S 22, crystal clear water explorations on the VINGA, and sunset cruising on the RÄVIK 3.  We had the full flexibility of riding with any board thanks to Awake’s Flex battery system - Just dependent on if the rider was in fly, cruise, or race mode. You can’t stop that feeling, which brings you back into the water again, and again!

We take you with us to discover the stunning landscapes of Corsica made from mountains, blue lagoons, archipelagoes, and the Unesco renowned white cliffs of Bonifacio.

Discover a trip made from laughter, ride sessions, exploration, cruises, and smiles that the entire team will remember for the rest of their lives.

We hope that you for an instant moment can feel that you are with us in the water and we hope you will enjoy watching the movie.


Meet the team of the trip below!


Apolline Delmas: Yoga teacher, model, and outdoors-sport lover. Apolline was born and raised in the sweet climate of the French Riviera. She never misses an opportunity to spend time in nature surrounded by friends and enjoy the sun.

Cecile Lavie: Being surrounded by surfers is the everyday life for Cécile as she is living near Biarritz, the surf mecca on the west coast of France. As a traveler and sun seeker, she is always looking forward to new adventures and to gather the people around her.

Fred Nonnot: True adventurer, waterman, and musician. Fred splits his life between the French Atlantic coast and the Caribbean Islands. Music, surf, foil, motocross and many other sports… He is always looking for adrenaline and lives by one rule: sharing moments with friends and family.

Erik Tillberg: Swedish mechanical engineer in the Awake team since the earliest years. Erik is not only the brain behind the revolutionary technology. he is also a passionate rider who made his first steps into extreme sports through motocross and now keeps on shredding on the water.

Mikael Kajbring: Freeride skier and Awake’s founder. Mike never misses the fun and always has the true fire inside when it comes to jumping in the water and spending a session with friends. Fearless nature lover, he is always in for a riding mission with the team.

Flo Garbaccio: French Waterman and Jetboard pro-rider. Flo spends half of his time sharing his passion with new riders and the other half pursuing his dreams surfing and foiling around the globe. Passionate about the boards, riding and content. Flo switches between product testing, video projects and water activities.


Erik Berg: Rider, camera operator, drone pilot, editor and project director from Skåne in Sweden. Erik is a man who never misses the million-dollar shot. Skilled skier and he loves speed, smooth carves and high jumps. He always pushes riders to give the best of themselves when he is behind the lens.

Goss Brothers production
Antoine Gossuin: Scooter rider and DJ. Antoine knows how to express himself in front of the crowd but his secret talent is behind the cameras as an operator, drone pilot and editor. He got what’s needed to create and highlight the most dreamy projects.

Aymeric Gossuin: Camera operator, content creator and producer. Aymeric is as comfortable on a shooting day as he is riding his surf foil or kite with his friends. A real asset when it comes to understanding and shooting all movement of the riders even at high speeds.


If you know of any special and amazing places where you would like to spend your next Awake adventure, please get in touch with us!

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