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Awake VINGA review by Jetsurfing Nation

"All in all, we have a winner here and I'm very excited to see that Awake is joining the eFoil industry" - Mike Zed

Mike Zed is one of the pioneers in the Jetboard industry. He has created his youtube channel Jetsurfing Nation on which he is testing and reviewing all Jetboards and eFoils on the market.

Mike created Jetsurfing Nation with the main goal to help and guide new Jetboard riders in their purchase and also highlight the news in the industry. 

He always keeps an impartial eye as he must be one of the most passionate about Jetboards, as he does not retail or promote specific brands.

After reviewing our very first RÄVIK ONE a few years ago, then the RÄVIK 3 and S last year. Now it's time for our latest board, the Awake VINGA. 



😘 Сообщаем,Вам подтвердили билет на лотерею. Примите на нашем сайте => 😘 July 27, 2022


💟 Подарок,на ваши данные подтвердили билет на лотерею. Пройдите по ссылке -> 💟 July 03, 2022

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