Awake Euro Tour 2022
The awake team will once again be on the road. We’re heading out for the yearly pre-season euro tour, where we will meet partners, and friends, shoot content, and most important, RIDE!

We will visit Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal for the first part of the tour. Follow us on Instagram @awakeboards for daily updates from the tour!
Awake Days - ride with us!
Together with our retailers, we will host what we call Awake days, we will start in different locations in France and Spain. More locations and dates will be added further on.

During the Awake Days we’ll be demoing all the boards, the RÄVIK 3, the new RÄVIK S22, and the brand new Awake VINGA eFoil.

If you want to meet us and try the boards on any Awake day, register through the form below, limited spots are available!
Awake Euro Tour 2022 Teaser
For some inspiration, check out this quick recap of last year’s tour.